Functional description

This rinser is designed to thoroughly rinse/clean glass packaging using air and/or water. The packages are held between 2 rubber-coated blocks and rotated 180̊ above an air stream to clean the packages thoroughly.

Their greatest benefit is the ability to accept different formats of packaging. This in-line air-rinser can be adjusted without tools and does not require format sets. As standard, the machine is fitted with a conveyor belt of approx. 1500mm v.v. drive (longer belt optionally available).

Standard features

  • Stainless steel construction with optional plastic parts
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Standard components such as Bonfiglioli or SEW drives, Festo, Sick and Siemens PLC + touch screen

Available versions by capacity

  • Version 1500 : 2,000 bph
  • Version 2000 : 3,500 bph

Is determined by the size, consistency and stability of the relevant packaging.

Packaging materials

  • PET
  • Tin
  • Glass

Options and available additional features

  • Various dimensions available for different throughput widths
  • Canopy
  • Remote assist
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