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“An integrated solution consists of a complete set of machines, entirely servicing your production chain, from the first to the very last step.”

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EFM Machinery B.V.

The bulk of our products are manufactured within our own factory. This shows our quality: the ability to integrate various solutions, thus ensuring that we always seamlessly meet your needs.

EFM Machinery BV is a compact and flexible organization with a no-nonsense approach. Our goal is to improve your business. That’s why a personalized approach is always our priority.

Product development

By combining your expertise with ours, we build the perfect machines for your project.

Based on our vast experience in the development of production machines and designing complete systems, we deliver tailor-made production lines that seamlessly integrate with one another. We manufacture your machines, install them on your location and provide for training, after which taking full ownership of your custom solutions is a low-touch process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, even when you’ve just reached the phase of the very first conception of ideas. It is our pleasure to support you in every aspect of your machines.

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