PMP Capping machine for Triggers

The linear capping machine is designed for application of trigger caps, pumps and sprays with screw closure on cylindrical and square-shaped containers.

The linear capping machine is equipped with a double-sided belt for stopping and holding of the bottles during capping process. The bottles are stopped under the capping mechanism, the 4 wheels mechanism tightens the trigger cap with guarantee of the proper orientation of the trigger and after the capped bottle is released to the exit conveyor.

Your Benefits

  • Closing heads Servo- controlled
  • Torque adjustable via touch screen
  • Changeoverstets not required
  • Can be used for many types of packaging and caps/triggers


  • Capacity:2800-3000/hour
  • Material:Stainless steel & Plastic
  • Control:Touch screen

Egberts Food Machinery Import/Export B.V.