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Elevate your production capabilities with the latest automatic bottle unscramblers. At EFM Machinery BV, we specialize in crafting customized solutions for our esteemed global clientele. Share your requirements with us, and we will deliver the perfect unscrambler that seamlessly aligns with your needs, propelling your business to new heights. Most of our machinery is produced in-house, enabling us to design the ideal machine tailored to your specifications. Our range of bottle unscramblers is available in three distinct options, ensuring optimal outcomes for your production company.

Advantages of investing in bottle unscramblers

An automated bottle unscrambler is an invaluable asset for handling and feeding various bottle formats, especially lightweight and high-friction PET bottles. Leveraging our extensive international experience and expertise, we offer personalized solutions to automate and optimize your company’s production across diverse industries. This guarantees an efficient investment that significantly enhances your manufacturing processes. Choose from our comprehensive selection of bottle unscramblers:

  • SB6000: Capacity of up to 6000 bottles per hour (bph) for a maximum bottle volume of 1L
  • SB10000: Capacity of up to 10000 bph for a maximum bottle volume of 1L
  • SB20: Capacity of up to 12000 bph for a maximum bottle volume of 2L

We offer a complete system for handling bottles

Naturally, a bottle unscrambler is always part of a bigger system. That’s why we offer an extensive range of machines to complete your bottle packaging line, such as:

Our experts ensure that all elements of the chain are perfectly attuned to each other, and your production line will flow flawlessly.

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Revitalize your production business by investing in high-quality food packaging machinery. Our extensive range of packaging machinery includes innovative bottle unscramblers, automatic labeling machines and so much more. Explore our selection and contact us to customize a machine that perfectly caters to your requirements!

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