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We develop many of our products in our own factory. This immediately shows our strength: by producing ourselves we can integrate solutions so that they always fit your situation. EFM Machinery BV is a compact and flexible company with a no-nonsense culture. Our goal is to help you move forward. A personal approach is therefore our priority.

Scaligera Packaging , our long partner for shrink sleeve solutions and case packers for American type cartons has developed a new type of automatic bottle unscrambler. This for all shapes of plastic bottles and cans, even with handle. THis by means of a flexpicker robot unscrambler. Several of these type of unscramblers are already implemented into the market and are producing.

The main difference with the “traditional & rather mechanical” bottle unscramblers is that this system works with a camera system which detects every bottle fed by the incorporated conveyor. By means of an automatic flexpicker robot arm ,fitted with suction cups, every bottle is placed onto the infeed conveyor of the filling line. This makes a format change over very quick (approx. 3min.) and easy and doesn’t require any format parts. Also bottles and cans with handle are orientated automatically onto the infeed conveyor of the filling line. This concerns our “NEXT GENERATION” of solutions regarding bottle feeding systems.

These type of feeding systems are a perfect solution when handling unstable and delicate bottles and also when a large number of different formats needs to be handled with 1 line. Off course our “traditional” unscrambler solutions A-type and SB-type remain valid for a wide application range.


After the success on shrink sleeve applications we received more and more requests for STRETCH sleeve applications. We found a perfect partner in COMAG who have a long term experience in these type of systems and solutions. These are part of Maca Group , and offers us a very useful extension on our already existing supply program which we off course also support on the technical side.

There are solutions to handle small packages and large packages , but mainly focus on applications from 5L to 30L jerrycans and these machines can be integrated into our filling lines or can be used as “stand alone” units.


The labelling of jerrycans can sometimes be very challenging because of flexible and NON steadfast quality of the jerrycans , and this can cause wrinkles during the labelling process. This technology offers a valid alternative approach to handle empty as also filled jerrycans. The stretch sleeves follows the curves on every can without any trace of wrinkles.


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