Increasing and improving the filling capacity for preserves and jams

For this Belgian producer of high-quality preserves and jams, located 7 km away from the honey producer, an efficiency exercise presented itself to drastically increase filling capacity and also to drastically reduce working hours and packaging. Our client increased the processing capacity, which required a much faster filling speed and eliminated rinsing/cleaning of the closed jars and bottles.

A rectangular flat-deck table was installed to create the necessary buffer, which feeds the empty bottles to our PS6 filling machine. The bottles and jars are now filled at an average capacity of 3,000bph. This new filling capacity was linked to the existing twist-off capping machine, and all filled and sealed containers are placed directly into plastic bins. This eliminated the need to rinse and clean all packs, and it saved our customer a considerable amount of working hours, additional handling, and also water and energy consumption. These products are filled at 95°C+.


The machine line consists of:

  • Rectangular flat-deck / supply table fitted with inliner for round packs
  • PS6 (servo-controlled piston filling machine) fitted with all possible options, and a hygienic supply pump which pumps the products from 300L trolleys by direct connection. A horizontal agitator was installed in the stainless steel product tank so that all products are always homogeneously filled.


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