Six-header flowmeter filling installation for fresh fruit juices

Back in 2009, EFM Machinery already installed a four head rotating RS4 capping machine to process PET bottles filled with fruit juices.

Due to further growth of our customer’s business, a faster and more accurate filling machine was required for which we made a proposal. The final choice led to the delivery of a six-headed flowmeter filling machine; the basic element of which was already available in our showroom. Upon having completed various product tolerance and speed tests, this six-headed filling machine was entered into the production line one step in front of the rotating four-headed capping machine previously made by EFM Machinery.

This six-headed ‘Promass’ filling system was also equipped with flush pipes to accommodate cleaning procedures, a stainless steel buffer tank that has an agitator and a spraying ball. The product is directly pumped from this buffer tank to the flowmeters with a lobe pump.

The production line processes various PET bottle sizes and volumes and a large spectrum of fresh fruit juices with a maximum capacity of 3,000 bottles per hour. The line became operational halfway in August 2015.

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