Semi-automatic filling line for peanut sauce in jars and buckets

This Dutch catering company, like many others, had experienced some difficult years due to the Covid situation, but instead of being inactive during this period, they developed new peanut sauces. Consequently, interest in these sauces quickly followed, and steps to automate production needed to be taken.

To this end, a low level semi-automatic V-type filling unit was installed, connected directly to insulated 200L standard trolleys with lids as these sauces were filled at around 97°C. A temperature monitor was fitted next to the filling nozzle to maintain the temperature during the filling process.

The operator filled the jars and buckets, and manually placed a printable lid on the filled containers. The buckets were then placed on a continuous conveyor belt, which was fitted with an adjustable imprint roller to ensure that the jars and buckets were correctly sealed. An integrated metal detection system ensured correct monitoring before collecting the jars and buckets on our buffer turntable. A coding unit located ahead of the buffer table, was integrated at the same time.


The machine line consists of:

  • Low-level V-1100 piston filling unit
  • Single insulated 200L standard trolleys
  • Lid printer with its own conveyor
  • Metal detection unit with its own transport conveyor and correct header transitions
  • Collection table

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