Engine oil manufacturer ordered a third cartoning machine

Installation of the second cartoning machine

After the successful installation of our first fully automated cartoning machine in late December 2012, we received an order to install a second identical cartoning machine. This machine supports a large spectrum of various packing type (0.5, 1, 4 and 5 liters and 5 liter metal cans) in various cardboard configurations. Both systems have an hourly capacity of 500 cartons and a transit function to directly transfer the 60 liter bottles.

Installation of the third cartoning machine

Our customer installed a fully automated robot palletizing system connecting all filling lines to one centralized palletizing system. This created the need for a third automated cartoning machine. As the available space was limited, a new inverted model was developed so that the space could be used optimally, while the operators still have sufficient space to work safely and effectively.

Two cardboard elevators were also connected to line two and three so that the finished cartons could automatically be transferred to a 2.6 meter height toward the central palletizing system. Based on our accurate engineering, almost all sizes could be used on all three cartoning machines. The full line was made operational in April 2015.

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