MP type Cartoning machines

Based on its accessible designs, these flexible and compact automated cartoning machines can be easily adjusted to the sizes you want to process. Time needed for recalibration is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum.

You can add extra elements, such as an automated switch, intake head or orienting unit for the packaging (depending on the carton configurations). Furthermore you can seal the cartons with adhesive tape or glue. More extensive automation is enabled by a robot or palletizer system.

The MP cartoning machines are available in the following editions:

Type Capacity
MP450 500 cartons per hour
MP600 650 cartons per hour
MP750 800 cartons per hour

Your benefits

  • Very open, accessible and robust design
  • Easy and fast size adjustments, max. 15 minutes
  • Low costs per size change
  • Siemens or Omron PLC equipped with VPN modem


  • Capacity: 250 – 800 cartons per hour
  • Material: steel construction
  • Control: servo motors and PLC control
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