Complete and flexible double chocolate spread filling line for Algeria.

The Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf in May 2017 generated an enormous amount of interest in our linear filling lines and options. This did not go unnoticed and, so far, several contracts have been signed with clients in Iceland, Dubai and Australia.

A large food company in Oran, Algeria required a new filling line for the production and packaging of double and single chocolate spread products. The packaging to be processed was in various sizes of PET jars and glass jars with twist-off lids, as well as trays with printed lids. These are placed on the infeed conveyor using a separate automatic unstacker.

The specifications for this filling line were mainly based on the requirements for PET and glass jars with twist-off lids, with a maximum capacity set at 1800 to 2000bph. The round supply table ensures a constant supply of empty jars which are first cleansed by our inline air rinser. Our 4/4 double edition servo piston filling machine guarantees the correct dosage of both products simultaneously, which are then transported to our double-action capping machine.

The left side of the servo-operated capping machine processes jars with twist-off lids, and the trays are produced on the right. The lids are automatically unstacked and printed. The jars are capped using an induction sealer and then transported to the rotating labeling machine. This is a mechanical, 4-platform version for processing complete wraparound labeling on oval jars, as well as for separate top labels on lids.

The finished packages are collected on a buffer table where an operator places the packages into cartons in the correct carton configuration. The packages are then automatically passed through the shrink sleeve machine.

The entire filling line was assembled and commissioned by our service departments taking into account the different packaging and applications. Line operators and technicians were trained for an entire week.

This complete filling line was purchased from our factory in April 2019, and has been operational since the end of August 2019.

Machine line consists of: 

  • Round flat deck table
  • Inline air rinser
  • PS4/4 filling machine for double filling
  • ECO1/1 double-capacity capping machine
  • Induction sealer
  • Rotating labeling machine
  • Coding unit
  • Round buffer table
  • H/A sleeve machine

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