A special test tube system combination for pharmaceutical company

We had already designed a special line for this Dutch pharmaceutical company in 2018, and the next challenge presented itself because of the corona circumstances. The challenge was to decap, fill and recap test tubes using the same caps. All this with limited operations and footprint.

A special machine was designed for this purpose, which has been structured as follows.

The empty and closed test tubes are manually loaded into specially designed pucks so that they are always perfectly positioned under their respective stations. One row is carried to an intermediate station where the test tubes are decapped by a 10-head system, and then immediately filled via peristaltic filling units. After filling, they are again capped with the same screw caps, and the capping heads are only released when the puck is passed through. These finished test tubes then fall through a stainless steel chute for further treatment.


Machine line consists of:

  • Specially designed system for test tube decapping, filling and capping

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