Polish customer implements servo-controlled sealing machine

For a Polish company, EFM Machinery developed a highly accurate single sealing machine with a servo-controlled sealing head and an inspection system that checks both the position and the torque after the lids are put in place.

While sealing the ‘insert’ caps, that have a minimal slack to the opening diameter, we use a so called ‘V-centering’ that guarantees consistent correct positioning. All possible and allowable tolerances of plastic lids and bottles being processed are also taken into account. The sealing machine was also equipped with our, now default, horizontal air transport to create a very high accessibility for reconfiguration sizes installed at work height.

In addition to this sealing machine, our customer also works with our P4-1000 piston filling machine and a ET3000 labeling machine that were ordered previously. The total capacity now available is 1,800 to 2,000 bottles per hour.

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