Ulisse type Sleeve applicators

The Ulisse applicators are very flexible and rapidly adjustable shrink sleeve systems, used for a large variety of purposes. All different shrink sleeve foils can be used for PLA, OPT, PET and PVC materials varying in thickness between 35 and 70 microns.

The Ulisse applicators offer countless possibilities and can be deployed for processes requiring a body sleeve, full body sleeve, half body sleeve, tamper evident, double pack and triple pack promotion applications. Furthermore, our sleeve applicators are also geared for special applications, such as packaging four jars on one sleeve, two stackable scales and shrink sleeving of empty, conical cups.

Type Capacity Type Capacity
2000 3000 / hour 22000 22000 / hour
4000 4000 / hour 22000-2T 40000 / hour
6000 6000 / hour 30000 30000 / hour
9000 9000 / hour 30000-2T 45000 / hour
12000 12000 / hour    
17000 17000 / hour

Your benefits

  • Very open and accessible design.
  • Automated centering of mandrel and intake worm.
  • Quick and simple exchange of size and sleeve size.
  • Limited requirements for sized parts.
  • High flexibility for a wide variety of applications.
  • Equipped with a sleeve oriented system by default.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Single power connection for the entire production line.
  • Siemens or Omron PLC equipped with VPN modem connection.


  • Capacity: 1000 – 45000 / hour
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Synthetics
  • Control: Servo motors – inverter controls – PLC controller
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