Monoblock 4.1 filling line + quadruple labeling of jerrycans

After a preliminary study lasting approximately three years, our customer, who specialises in cleaning products for farms and stables, decided to purchase an EFM filling line for processing 5L, 10L and 20L jerrycans. This purchase included a stainless steel platform on which two 5000L stainless steel tanks were mounted and under which our monoblock filling line was installed.

The differently sized jerrycans are fed through the supplied rectangular supply table, which ensures a continuous supply to the 4.1 monoblock system. The jerrycans are filled four at a time, and the filling section is also equipped with a 4.1 cleaning collector. All process and contact parts are electropolished. After filling, the jerrycans are transported to the heavy-duty capping section. The discharge conveyor moves the jerrycans to the two double jerrycan labeling machines which are positioned at right angles and equipped with a pneumatic pusher in order to label all four sides automatically.

This line was configured in a U-shape with a self-regulating buffer roller conveyor that provides sufficient buffering, so that one operator can oversee both supply and discharge. A mobile lifting aid provides additional ergonomic assistance for palletising the heavy jerrycans.


Machine line consists of:

  • Rectangular flat deck table
  • 1 filling and capping monoblock system with mass flow meters
  • Double jerrycan labeling machine + pusher
  • Double jerrycan labeling machine
  • Self-regulating buffer roller conveyor
  • Mobile lifting aid for cartons and jerrycans

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