6-head flexible filling machine for the beverage industry

After having installed several filling lines and special applications for tubes with shrink sleeves since 2014, it was decided to invest in a production increase for processing special bottles for vodka and liqueurs. These bottles are extremely tall and included a wide variety of designs for which our PS6 filling machine, with raised frame and servo for filler bridge, was ideally suited.

To achieve this, we used a modified PS6 filling machine fitted with all possible options for quick conversion and thorough cleaning between production runs. This filling machine handles extremely tall glass bottles, golden conical bottles, as well as “pineapple” bottles for liqueurs.

The machine was further equipped with a hygienic supply pump and a filter was also fitted before feeding products into the standard stainless steel product tank.

Depending on volumes, heights and stability of the different bottle sizes, the machine runs up to a rate of 3,000bph.


The machine line consists of: 

  • PS6 (servo-controlled piston) filling machine with raised frame and servo for filler bridge
  • Some additions, such as pump and filter

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