Three servo piston filling machines operational just 8 weeks after company fire

Our French customer, who installed three servo-controlled piston filling machines last year, needed to be operational again as quickly as possible, after their business burnt down on 9 June. The fire destroyed the entire premises as well as all the machines. Immediately we looked into possible short-term solutions in order to help this customer and within a period of 8 weeks we were able to supply and commission two 6-header and one 4-header servo-controlled piston filling machines. These filling machines process a wide range of high-quality oils in cans and glass bottles of between 150ml and 1000ml.

The servo-controlled piston filling machines are all fitted with V-centring detection, bottle counter function, automatic drain position for filling nozzles during the fully automatic cleaning procedure as well as temperature control of the entire machine.

These filling machines have been operational since Wednesday 25 July.

In the meantime, our customer has also ordered a customized inline rinser system fitted with 26 individual air-rinse needles for mounting in front of the filling machines to remove foreign substances before the bottles are filled.


Machine line consists of:

  • 1 x PS4 filling machine
  • 2 x PS6 filling machine
  • 1 x Extended inline air rinser with individual air-rinse needles.

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