Special project with filling line and processing for Mongolia.

This project kicked off after a period of more than 3 years of discussions and a site visit near Ulaanbaatar in 2017. We went through all the specifications in great detail, and analysed which existing machines and components could be reused in order to integrate them into the new setup.

The entire line is configured to process tomato paste and edible oils into round and oval 100ml and 170ml glass jars with twist-off lids, and has a capacity of 4000bph.

The complete line consists of an 8-header time-controlled filling system to dose 10ml to 15ml of edible oil, a pocket filler with 37 stations to fill sliced vegetables, an 8-header servo-controlled piston filler fitted with a horizontal agitator, and a vacuum detection system. These systems were fitted with remote assist, and EFM also supplied all new conveyors and line control.

Various mixing and holding tanks were mounted on skids, fitted with all piping, powerful and hygienic pumps, and also full line control for processing. The existing capping machine and labeling machine could be integrated.

It was estimated that the installation, commissioning and training for the entire unit would take 10 days, to be carried out by two experienced service engineers.

This complete filling line was purchased at our plant in April 2019, and has been operational since the end of June 2019.

Machine line consists of:

  • Special 8-header time-controlled filling unit
  • PS8 filling machine
  • Pocket filler for solids
  • 4 mixing tanks
  • 4 holding tanks

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