Second highly flexible filling line for Dutch sauce manufacturer

The next opportunity for expansion presented itself to this Dutch sauce producer, with whom we have already built a long-standing and close collaboration.

Because of the success of the combination packaging, we were asked to build an almost identical filling line, and once again to combine small packaging with buckets.

This line consists of a 2-head servo-driven lobe pump filling machine, which offers several advantages over other standard filling principles such as servo piston filling machines and flow meter filling machines.
These advantages mean that small and large volumes can be filled correctly to an extremely high degree of accuracy. Also, it allows for thin liquid or thick viscous products to be processed, even when small particles are present in the product.

The capping machine was redesigned and by using a servo-controlled star, the capping machine is able to operate on both the left and right side. This has the advantage that one side is set up for feeding and closing screw caps, and the other side is set up with a lid de-stacker and imprinter. The conversion between these very different applications and packaging is therefore done in a very short time.

This line was further fitted with a fully automatic labelling machine equipped with three labelling heads to ensure fast and efficient format changes here as well. Finally, the finished packages are transported to our buffer table.


The machine line consists of:

  • Long infeed conveyor
  • 4-head lobe pump filling machine
  • ECO1 / S2 capping machine with double-acting L/R function
  • Labelling machine ET3000, adapted to single-sided labelling combinations
  • Collection table

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