Optimisation & additional filling capacity for honey producer
10/04/2022 and 02/07/2022

Since 2014, we have built a close collaboration with this Belgian producer of honey products, and 2022 was earmarked for further optimisation. We began by repositioning the 4 existing filling lines, which considerably improved the product flow and logistics around the lines.

These changes were made in April, and simultaneously integrated with the assembly and start-up of filling line N°5. This was for a compact 2.1 monoblock for filling 10L jerry cans and buckets with glucose syrup. It was also fitted with a labelling machine and buffer roller conveyor, which greatly increased efficiency for these applications.

A further addition to the existing glass line then followed in mid-July, integrating an additional PS6 filling machine alongside the existing PS4 filling machine. This was for filling cream honey, which was previously processed by a 2-head piston filler. This increased capacity by 70%. A special stainless steel bottom section connected to 3 existing product tanks (located on the 1st floor) with large lead-throughs instead of a standard product tank was installed.


These works included the following elements:

  • Moving 4 lines + adjustments to conveyors.
  • 1 filling and capping monoblock with flow meters and short infeed conveyor.
    The caps are automatically sorted and placed/capped, and the buckets and jerrycans are provided with a one-sided label. Next, these are buffered on a self-regulating buffer roller conveyor.
  • PS6 (servo-driven piston filling machine) fitted with custom-made stainless steel 3.1 bottom section for direct connection to the 3 existing product tanks was integrated with the existing glass filling line.

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