Monoblock equipped in ATEX

The first step in this project was to carry out a very thorough and extensive study about all packaging, volumes and products that were to be processed. Products involved were a combination of liquid foaming and non-foaming, viscous soaps.

The applications of the various types of seals were very diverse, creating the need for custom made solutions. A close cooperation between our professionals and the client’s project managers, led to the selection of a 3 in 1 filling and sealing system. A six-headed servo-driven piston filling system now fills all types of packaging fast and accurately. A fully automated triggered shutting system shuts the triggers while, in the third segment, a fully automated sealing system ensures all various types of caps seal the containers.

For the production of various large containers with a special seal, we equipped an extra sealing system with a 28 Newton meters torque. Here, a section was reserved for the placement of an induction sealing system and a Full Option labeling system was installed. The smaller containers end up on a rotating flat deck table, while the larger containers were moved to the final packaging over a roller conveyor.

The entire filling and sealing system is created in accordance with ATEX conditions and was delivered to the client with the corresponding certificate.

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