Complete filling line for miniature drinks bottles

After our customer carried out some intensive market screening, it was decided to hand the entire project over to us for a complete filling line at 5.000bph. The line consists of an automatic unscrambler for the 30ml oval PET bottles, and a rectangular flat deck table for all glass bottles. The miniature bottles then pass through our Triblock system which automatically air-cleans, fills and caps the bottles with a pilfer-proof cap.

Our parallel transfer belts then transfer the bottles to the rotating labeling machine, which is equipped with various camera systems to ensure precise positioning of the bottle/label. The machine automatically detects the glass seam. Via the stainless steel worktops, the bottles are then manually packed in special display packaging by the line operators.

The entire line is constructed in a compact U-shape to allow operators to maintain an overall view. This line processes 12 different bottle sizes.

A second rotating labeling machine, with identical properties and applications, was installed for an existing line of large drinks bottles. This also provided the ability to apply labels for the neck of the bottles.

This filling line and second rotating labeling machine have been operational since mid-April 2018.

For their existing tube/puck double carousel filling line, an extra automatic capping machine has been ordered, which will be integrated. This is due to new applications and also because new specific tubes have to be capped with an ROPP cap. The additional capping machine is to be installed by the end of March 2020.

Machine line consists of:

  • Unscrambler
  • Rectangular supply table
  • Triblock combination machine
  • Rotating labeling machine/s
  • Transfer conveyors
  • Round buffer table

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