Flexible filling line for cosmetic pucks

This manufacturer of cosmetics requested us to develop a highly flexible puck line for no less than 150 different types of bottles with square, oval and cylindrical sizes, as well as some thirty different caps and pumps. Its final production capacity was recorded at an average of 3,000 bottles per hour.

This highly flexible line is made with a carrousel-type conveyor belt, ensuring that the pucks return to the start of the filling line once empty. Two PS6-type six head servo-controlled full option filling machines were each equipped to process highly specific product categories (creams, ointments, shampoo, lotions, gels, sunscreen, etc.), ensuring that the contamination risk between products was entirely eliminated. To accommodate this, one filling machine was equipped with a pressurized buffer tank that continuously operates under a 1 bar pressure. Once the bottles are filled, the caps or pumps are manually placed by two operators, after which they are all automatically sealed by our ECO2 type capping machine, which is equipped with two capping columns. This capping machine is also equipped with a detect-and-reject unit, while a cap torque test is automatically carried out on all bottles. In a next step, the filled and sealed bottles are taken over by our parallel transfer conveyor system which take the bottles from the pucks and places the bottles in the conveyor belt of the labeling machine. The empty pucks are then returned to the start of the production line.

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