Filling line installed in Iceland for dairy and sauces

This Icelandic dairy and sauce manufacturer used to work in two separate factories. In June 2016, these locations were combined at a single location where dairy products such as cheese, milk and buttermilk were already being produced and packaged. The customer opted to invest in a flexible filling line with a quick conversion time, enabling the customer to combine filling dairy and sauce products into a single production line, in which six different bottle sizes and three different cap sizes are being used.

Products processed by this customer include milk, buttermilk, mayonnaise, ketchup and remoulade sauce. The production line is composed of a rectangular feeder table, a 4 head servo-controlled piston filling machine, a single head capping machine, a labeling machine that was already present at the location, a conveyor belt system and a wrapping machine. The maximum capacity is 2,000 units per hour.

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