Filling and packaging line for roll- on deodorant

This existing customer already had various EFM filling lines in operation, and now relied on us for a next challenge: creating a fully automated production line for roll-on deodorant products.

To accommodate this need, including the hourly output requirement of 5,000 roll-on deodorant units, an automated Ansa Micro unscrambler with an internal buffer helps to provide for a compact filling line. This descrambler ensures a continuous supply of empty containers which are taken over by a fill-and-seal monoblock combination, consisting of a tailored 8.4.4. fill-and-seal monoblock.

The bottles are filled with an 8 head servo-controlled piston filling system and are then equipped with the plastic rotating ball and a top-cap. To create this functionality, two fully automated 4 head capping columns were assembled, each with its own supply. The filled and sealed roll-on deodorants are furthermore equipped with a 360° label and are automatically packaged per 3, 6, 9 or 12 pieces with a wrapping machine.

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