Filling and capping line with automatic pump & spray sealer

Having installed several Atex filling lines in 2019 and 2020 for small packaging as well as jerry cans, our client needed to focus on increasing the capacity of small packaging, mainly capped with spray pumps.

To achieve this, we used our PS10 filling machine to fill all bottle sizes correctly and, using our ZB34 transfer conveyor, the filled bottles were transferred to the conveyor of the rotary capping machine.

For this, we once again worked together with our partner, Rejves. They have specialised in pumps and trigger closure solutions for 40 years, and have made all the calculations for a 5-head rotary capping machine. This machine automatically feeds the pumps, and transfers to the capping heads via a rotating pick & place unit. These special capping heads enable a transfer from the pick & place and, partly thanks to an up-and-down ‘straws’ guidance, they are applied and capped on the filled bottles. The effective line capacity was set at 7500bph.

As a rather long delivery time was anticipated for this rotary capping machine, we provided our H/A Capline capping machine as a temporary solution. This enabled our customer to achieve a faster production line with limited impact on additional manual operations.

Next, the bottles continue on to an existing labelling machine, and then to final packaging.


The machine line consists of:

  • PS10 (servo-controlled piston) filling machine
  • ZB34 transfer conveyors
  • 4-head rotary capping machine for pumps and sprays
  • All necessary conveyors

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