Expansion of filling line for jerrycans and bottles for Moroccan chemical company.

This new customer needed to expand their existing semi-automatic filling unit in order to achieve a higher capacity and to increase efficiency. It was decided to implement our ‘growth’ concept, which in a later second phase can double the capacity and further automate the capping process. This basic filling line was fitted with a 6000L stainless steel mixing tank connected to the filling system. The 2-header mass flow meter-filling system is built on a 4-header frame, making it easy to expand by doubling. It processes 20L and 5L jerrycans as well as 1L round bottles.

The capping machine works as a semi-automatic capping machine, and the caps are manually placed on the filled containers. The machine is prepared in such a way that it can be made to be fully automatic so that a line operator is no longer required.

The labeling machine is equipped for 2-sided labelling of the jerrycans (with the option be able to also apply a label on three sides) and with a roll-over station so that the 1L round bottles can also be correctly affixed with a wraparound label. All finished packaging is collected by a free running buffer roller conveyor for further manual packaging and stacking.

This filling line has been operational since the end of August 2018.

Machine line consists of:

  • RVS 6000L holding tank with agitator
  • 2-header flow meter-filling machine
  • Jerrycan capping machine
  • Jerrycan labeling machine
  • Self-regulating buffer roller conveyor


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