Expansion of existing filling line with MP500 cartoning machine

For several years, this producer of high-quality organic sauces and dressings has been using our rectangular supply table with inliner, PS6 filling machine and ECO1 capping machine for various jar and lid formats, which are closed using twist-off lids.

These finished jars had always been packed manually in American folding boxes, but the production intensity increased enormously in recent months, and steps needed to be taken.

We did this by installing a standard MP500 cartoning machine, where the jars first receive a wraparound label with seal label. Different format sets were provided for all bottle combinations and configurations, which enabled all jars to be packed entirely automatically. The maximum speed of this cartoning machine is set at 500 cartons per hour. A self-regulating buffer roller conveyor provides the required buffer.


The machine line consists of:

  • MP500 cartoning machine for American folding boxes
  • Self-regulating buffer roller conveyor

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