Expansion of existing filling line for Belgian honey company

Our customer has expanded considerably over the past four years, and has now installed two complete EFM filling lines for a wide range of packaging and applications. In the summer of 2017, the third line was being set up and an inline air rinser was installed together with a 4-header servo-controlled piston filler. The existing 1-header capping machine and obsolete labeling machine needed to be replaced in order to achieve the necessary growth and capacity increase.

For this reason, a 3-header capping machine was installed, fitted with a horizontal cap feed, and also a rotating labeling machine equipped with 4 servo-controlled platforms.

The 3-header capping machine is configured to process 3 types of twist-off lids and 9 jar sizes. Because of the complete wraparound labeling with attached top label seal, a rotating labeling machine was decided on, as it would eventually be required to achieve a production capacity of 3000bph. The existing twist-off capping machine was seamlessly integrated into these modifications.

The expansion of the filling line has been operational since mid-October 2018.

At the beginning of 2019, a number of upgrades were carried out, such as an additional detection and rejection system between the twist-off sealer and the rotary labeling machine with a specific solution due to the limited space available. Plus an upgrade of the “older” piston filling machine with newly developed features in terms of accessibility and thorough cleaning procedures.

Machine line consists of:

  • RS3 rotating 3-header capping machine
  • Rotating labeling machine
  • Detection and reject system

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