Expanded filling and capping line for jerrycans

In May 2018, our customer decided to add a double-sided jerrycan labeling machine to the existing semi-automatic filling unit, in order to reduce manual processing of the jerrycan. After further expansion of these applications and products, our customer decided to install our fully automatic “growth” filling line for processing 5L, 10L and 20L jerrycans. This consists of our rectangular flat deck table, a 2-header mag flow meter filling machine + a supply pump, which at a later date can be fitted with two extra flow meters and filling nozzles, and a fully automatic capping machine to process DIN51 and DIN61 twist-off caps using a 2kw induction sealing system. It has been built in a U configuration so that a single line operator can manage the entire unit. The existing double-sided jerrycan labeling machine was integrated and fitted with an extra buffer roller conveyor.

This line became operational in week 4 of 2020.

During the purchase of the jerrycan filling line, a further agreement was made to install a refurbished filling line to process small packaging. This line will process 50ml and 100ml round bottles as well as 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml rectangular bottles, and it will be fitted with a pneumatic 4-header piston filler and a single ECO1 capping machine. This line will also be configured as a U-filling line, which will be installed adjacent to the jerrycan filling line by the end of August 2020, when it will become available after being completely overhauled and adapted for the new applications.

Machine line consists of:

  • Rectangular flat deck table
  • 2-header flow meter-filling machine
  • Jerrycan capping machine
  • Induction sealer
  • Jerrycan labeling machine
  • Self-regulating buffer roller conveyor.

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