Single and duo chocolate spread filling line for Mexico

In cooperation with our partner Caotech, a specific filling line was developed for filling chocolate spread into PET jars with twist-off lids. This is both for filling single colour chocolate spread and for processing duo chocolate spread in a 50/50 ratio. The target speed was up to 5500bph, and the following machines were supplied for this purpose.

Due to the oval-shaped PET jars, an S-type feed curve system was installed to create a sufficient buffer. The empty jars were then fed to our PS5/5 filling machine, which carried out an accurate filling.

After a simple parallel transition, the PET jars (4 sizes) were fed to our 6-head rotary capping machine, which applied a screw cap at the correct torque. This was also fitted with a cap presence and position control with an integrated reject system.

After sealing, the jars are transported under our 2kw induction sealer which is fitted with seal detection presence and an alarm triggered in the event of a missing jar.

Our full option ET3000 labelling machine (which features high-speed labelling heads) ensured correct front and back labelling. This included a coding unit, and the finished jars are collected on our buffer turntable for further manual packaging.


The machine line consists of: 

  • PS5/5 filling machine
  • 6-head rotary capping machine
  • 2kw induction sealer
  • ET3000 labelling machine
  • Conveyors and line controls


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