Double servo capping machine for grated cheese jars

This cheese manufacturer required an upgrade in its capping process for filled jars, as this step was defined as a bottleneck that reduced the output and efficiency of the entire production line. To accommodate this need, we developed a tailored servo-controlled capping machine with a double capacity. The configuration now easily attains the objective of processing 3,000 jars per hour.

This double capping machine processes two cylindrical jar sizes of 80 and 250 grams with snap-on lids. These lids are sorted in a single central vibratory bowl feeder which transports the lids in two separate lanes to the double capping head. The servo-controlled positioning tool ensures that the jars are positioned under the capping heads. Furthermore, the system is also equipped with a detect-and-reject unit, which detects erroneous productions and automatically removes them from the production line.

The system installation took place in a seamless operation, enabling the customer to commission this new machine within 24 hours.

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