Automation of an existing filling line

After we had taken the first step in 2019 by installing a single-head piston filling machine with automatic ECO1 capping machine for push-on caps, this Dutch sauce producer required a further extension in order to be able to process the larger production runs efficiently.

A rectangular flat deck table was installed, equipped with inliner to buffer the different sizes of round PET bottles and feed them to the 6-head filling machine. A servo-controlled PS6 piston filling machine was chosen on the basis of being able to switch easily to a line capacity of 3000bph at a later stage. This filling machine was also equipped with an extensive and customized cleaning procedure using different valves and dedicated controls.

After filling, the bottles are transferred via a parallel transition to the existing ECO1 capping machine, which caps all the bottles using push-on caps. Because of the very short conveyor track from the existing labeling machine, the bottles are smoothly transferred to the labeling machine using a transfer conveyor, and are then collected on an adapted collection table. The operator places the finished bottles manually into the cartons, which are then closed using a simple carton/tape sealer with buffer rollers.


Machine line consists of:

  • Rectangular supply table with inliner
  • PS6 servo-controlled piston filling machine
  • ZB34-600 transfer conveyor
  • Integration of existing ECO1 capping and labeling machine
  • Customized collection table and carton/tape sealer

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