Complete filling line for engine oil and window cleaning liquid

This Dutch filling company, which already had a number of EFM filling lines for their production, needed to increase their capacity and decided to install an additional EFM filling line. This was for filling engine oil products and also window cleaning liquid into 1L bottles up to 20L jerrycans. The 1L packaging is produced at a speed of 2200bph.

Our rectangular flat deck table ensures the correct infeed of empty cans, which are filled by our 6-header flow meter filling machine, fitted with hydraulic v-centring so that it no longer requires manual adjustment to achieve the correct working height. After filling, the cans are seamlessly fed into our single ECO1 XL capping machine and the cap sorter is set up at working height with a horizontal cap feed, which makes a cap size change very easy and convenient.

All filled and capped bottles and jerrycans are seamlessly transported by the transfer conveyors to our ET3000 labeling machine, which, being a full-option system, is equipped to affix front and rear labelling as well as wraparound applications. The transfer conveyors also ensure that all packaging enters the labeling machine perfectly spaced.

This filling line has been operational since the end of September 2018.

Machine line consists of:

  • Rectangular flat deck table
  • F6 flow meter filling machine
  • ECO1-XL capping machine
  • Transfer conveyors
  • ET3000 labeling machine

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