Automatic line for marine aquarium test kits


In 2018, two lines became operational at this Dutch manufacturer of test sets for marine aquariums, and a further extension was necessary. This was for supplying, filling, capping and labeling small 10ml to 50ml test drip vials at a capacity of 1500bph.

The empty vials are automatically placed on the line using a micro unscrambler and fed into the 1.1.1. monoblock system. The vials are filled using a peristaltic filling unit, and the drippers are automatically sorted and inserted and capped with a special screw cap. The labeling machine’s extended conveyor belt is installed at the exit of the 1.1.1. monoblock system, which ensures a simple and seamless transition to this wraparound labeling machine. The finished vials are then collected by the round loading table.


Machine line consists of:

  • Micro unscrambler
  • 1.1. filling and double capping monoblock
  • Wraparound labeling machine
  • Round collection table

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