Automatic cartoning machine commissioned with an output of 1000 cartons p/hour

In the past three years, two complete filling lines have been installed at this Dutch manufacturer of motor oil products and disinfectants. Various types of packaging, including trigger bottles, are filled with these products.

A further step was necessary in order to be able to work more efficiently on large continuous production runs, and the final packaging needed to be determined. In cooperation with our partner, Scaligera Packaging, we installed an automatic MP1000 cartoning machine which automatically packs all trigger bottles with caps or triggers, including the 5L cans, into American folding boxes. This machine has a throughput of 1000 cartons per hour in different configurations.

Meanwhile, both existing filling lines have been upgraded to accommodate a broader production configuration; a semi-automatic trigger capping machine has been integrated, as well as automatic cap checks linked to ejectors and collection lanes.

In early 2021, a third high-capacity line will be delivered to feed this MP1000 cartoning machine. To be continued.


Machine line consists of:

  • MP1000 cartoning machine with divider
  • Capline trigger capping machine
  • 2 automatic ejectors and line upgrades

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