Automatic filling line with specific facilities for processing peanut butter

After a lengthy joint preliminary study in 2018, it was decided in early 2019 to install an automatic EFM filling line for processing a variety of peanut butter products into 3 plastic jar sizes. The range of the individual cylinders was increased with a volume of up to 1150ml for the jars that needed to be processed. Because of the different product compositions, a heated stainless steel product tank was supplied, fitted with a horizontally removable agitator so that crunchy peanut butter could also be processed, as it was mixed with pieces of peanut or chocolate. An additional platform ensures that the entire unit remains accessible and, together with the other facilities, allows for an efficient and thorough cleaning process of the entire filling machine.

Our 4-header capping machine ensures that the various twist-off lid sizes are correctly sealed, and that the jars are injected with nitrogen during the capping process to provide a longer shelf life. For this additional application to run correctly, the capping column was completely closed off with hinged panels which remain closed during production. If a jar is not capped or not capped correctly, then it is automatically removed by our “finger rejection system” and collected on an additional parallel conveyor belt section.

Naturally, all required conveyors are fitted with all line controls, and the entire unit is supported by our remote assist service.

This line was commissioned in November 2019.

Machine line consists of:

  • PS8 filling machine with horizontal agitator
  • RS4 rotating capping machine
  • Detection unit with finger type rejection system

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