Automatic filling line for cocktails & mocktails

After installing two relatively simple semi-automatic filling lines in 2021, these products and concepts proved to be a hit with our Dutch customer. The first two filling lines soon reached their maximum capacity, and an automated filling line needed to be added.

For this purpose, a round supply table was installed, feeding the empty bottles to our PS4 filling machine, and fitted with all the required options for smooth and quick conversion and cleaning time between different products and formats.

A 1-head ECO1 capping machine with low cap feed ensures fully automatic and correct sealing and the Simply labelling machine ensures careful wraparound labelling. Our round buffer table collects the finished bottles, after which they are then manually packed.

Depending on volumes, heights and stability of the different bottle formats, this machine runs up to a speed of 2,000bph.


The machine line consists of: 

  • A round supply table
  • A PS4 (servo-controlled piston) filling machine
  • A single ECO1 capping machine with cap elevator
  • Simply labelling machine
  • Round buffer turntable

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