Net weight filling machine MR/NW-04/PF-02

The net weight filling machine type MR/NW-04/PF-02 is the most compact net weight rotary solution that we offer. This machine with a footprint of just 1555mmx3500mm makes net-weight technology possible on medium and small production batches where filling precision quality is pivotal for the success of your business. The MR/NW-04/PF-02 solutions are perfect when combined with load cells for net-weight filling. These machines have independently timed valves that are programmed by the filler’s computer: precise amounts of liquid will flow by gravity into a container, stopping when a specific weight is reached. Because of the use of this filling technology their are very limited moving parts and assures a highly accurate filling per package / bottle and avoids an additional check weigher. The filling nozzles remain standard approx. 12mm above the fill opening and can, without any contamination, also handle foaming products.

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