ECO1 S2 capping machine

The capping machine ECO1 S2 is a fully automated machine used for sealing various sorts of caps and lids. This machine is equipped with two capping columns, thus making it possible to cap one container with two different caps, or to increase capacity by configuring both capping positions with the same cap size.

The machine is fully made of Stainless Steel and Synthetics material. The capping heads are equipped with a magnetically adjustable torque or servo-control. The supply of caps and lids is processed fully automatically. A hopper transports the caps and lids to the right position and transports them to the capping heads.

The height of the system can be adjusted both electronically as manually, using a hand wheel. The speed can be adjusted as well. This machine is always equipped with a line communication between the supply and discharge and housing with two secured doors.

Your benefits

  • Used for larger production runs
  • Servo-controlled position star
  • Two capping columns
  • Fully automated
  • For pressure and screw caps


  • Capacity: 2800-3200 using two heads
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Synthetics
  • Control: Touch screen

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