Automatic rotary labelling machines

The rotary labelling solutions can handle a large variaty of packaging shapes, complex labelling applications and combinations as also can achieve high capacities and remain operator friendly and with quick format change overs. These can be executes as mechanical driven versions as also electronical versions depending on actual required applications and also because of differences in package formats and label applications. The number of platfoms also determine possible capacity and can be executed with several features. The solution scan start from 4 platforms for lower capacities but complex label applications and are increased depending on required project specifications and capacity which is possible upto 60.000bph.

Additional options can be added as camera system for glass seam detection and orientation , camera system to check pressence and position of labels incl. reject device, muliple labelling heads depending on required applications , large HMI panel,  remote assist module and top safety label orientated / centered towards the body label as also NON STOP solutions.

No specifications available yet

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