Automatic bottle unscramblers SB type

The SB type unscramblers are ideal for handling and feeding of a wide variaty of bottle formats as HDPE but mainly is a perfect solution for low weight and higher friction PET type bottles. This because of the design and flat concept execution of the machine which give a “soft” handling of all bottle formats without any damage. At the outfeed (towards rincer or filler) a vacum conveyor can be provided to assure a correct and steady flow of bottles at the required capacities. We can offer 3 different executions depending on speed and applications being : Capacities always calculated on 500ml volume bottle size.

  • SB6000 for a capacity upto 6000bph on maximum 1L bottle volume.
  • SB10000 for a capacity upto 10000bph on maximum 1L bottle volume.
  • SB20 for a capacity upto 12000bph on maximum 2L bottle volume.

All to be fed via external buffer and buffer capacity to be calculated which can be 2m³ or 3m³ or bigger if required.

Egberts Food Machinery Import/Export B.V.