Rotary capping machines for screw and snap on caps

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EFM Machinery BV is the perfect partner for you if you are looking for a high-quality rotary capping machine. We are specialized in designing and integrating various food processing or packaging machines for international clients. We prioritize a personal approach to ensure you the best quality possible, which translates to tailor-made solutions that fits your business perfectly. Discover our range of products to find the right rotary capping machine for your company.

Invest in a rotary capping machine to improve your production

A rotary capping machine is used for sealing all kinds of screws, caps, and lids. The machine in our selection is fully automated and designed for larger production runs. The stainless steel ensures long durability and high quality. The machine is operator friendly thanks to the touch screen display. Configure, read out, enable, or save all functionalities using this display. Are you in doubt whether this type of capping machine is the right fit for your business? We are happy to inform and advise you about our products and specifications.

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Do you want to invest in an automated rotary capping machine? Discover our wide range of capping machines and other machinery, for example labeling machines. If you have any questions about our products or our core business, do not hesitate to contact to us. We are happy to provide you with excellent service. Send your message to or call us via +31(0)71-3312223.

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